Make your HR department more efficient

Implement a full-fledged platform for HR-processes on the basis of Im'work, from recruiting to adaptation of a new employee in the company system

Make your HR department more efficient

Hire specialists faster

CV selection, preparation for an interview, introduction of candidates to management, typical distribution of test jobs — optimize routine processes using public chats and bot integration


Coordinate your need for new employees between departments, prepare vacancies and select specialists quickly


Send up-to-date information on interviews and test jobs to all candidates at once

Decision making

Discuss salary range and other relevant questions on current vacancies in private manager chats

Hire specialists faster

All in one

Im'work will help unify all resources and tools on one platform

Vacancy generating

Integrate a bot that optimizes the process of writing a vacancy description — all you need is to enter the key requirements for a specialist

Specialist database

Freelancers contacts, CV searching chats, job markets and platforms — keep everything at a single location and structurize it according to the function

New employee onboarding

Help departments simplify and standardize onboarding for colleagues, from introducing to a task pool to acquainting with the company policies

All in one

Get a personal offer to implement Im'work in the HR department

We are ready to offer you a personal solution, depending on the needs, business tasks and size of your company