Corporate messenger for team management

A functional product for business with an intuitive interface

Corporate messenger for team management

More than chats

An advanced system for corporate communication management, from video calls to goal setting

Chat bot support

You can adapt Im'work to your needs and connect any integrations

Absolute security

Data transfer encryption and integratability with corporate security systems

Im'work capabilities


Create group and private chats, unite corporate departments and share files in one application



Create group and private chats, unite corporate departments and share files in one application

Business chats

Organize work departments, assign roles within and customize the chat for yourself — from interface design to messaging capabilities

Task manager

Create and manage tasks from within the messenger, track progress using a convenient status and tag system

Available API

Support for chat bots, integration with authorization systems and possibility to deploy the application in the infrastructure and on the servers of your company

Data security

International security standards

Complex interaction between Im'work and information security systems

  • Active Directory / LDAP integration
  • DLP Leak Prevention
  • Integration with your antivirus software
  • SIEM threat identification
  • TLS and DTLS encryption

Total data control

Im'work may be deployed

  • On your corporate servers
  • In a private cloud on the servers of a third-party provider



Work efficiently in one application by integrating third-party corporate systems

Public sector

Absolutely secure communication in accordance with all import substitution requirements and FSB and FSTEC licenses

Remote work

Unification of a team working in different parts of the world — easy, simple and fast communication

Im'work will help you become more efficient

Discuss projects, set goals and integrate with business applications — all the necessary tools are combined into one user-friendly platform


Involve employees into work in just a couple of clicks

Create «default» channels for all new team members to join in automatically — use them to post instructions, company rules and tips


Open API

Implement your own chat bot to optimize routine operations and give you additional time for more complex and important tasks

Im'work bots can not only communicate in chats, but also manage team channels and a task tracker — set tasks, comment on them and change their status

Open API

Create your own messenger

New communication environment on Im'work basis — with your corporate style and authorization through a corporate account

Plus three accommodation options, each of which covers individual needs:

  • Cloud hosting
  • On-premise
  • Hosted model
Create your own messenger


Integrate Im'work right now

You can make work communication more effective — just look at how it works

Available on all popular platforms

Im'work runs on Android and IOS, supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and is even available as a web application





Mac OS


Installation on company servers

Im'work can be hosted on-premise or in a private cloud

Design customization and postproduction changes

Change Im'work design according to your corporate style

Integration with business services

Create a unified corporate environment by interoperating different services on one platform

Im'work Partners

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We are ready to offer you a personal solution, depending on the needs, business tasks and size of your company